Industrial Air Coolers

For open and semi-open spaces, industrial air coolers are the only efficient and practical solution.

Industrial air coolers are meant cooling for large open and semi-open spaces. They work on the principle of evaporative air cooling, wherein fresh air is supplied continuously through air ducts and air supply outlets and cooled through cooling pads and water. With the continuous supply of cool air, the hot air containing impurity, odour and dust gets emitted out of the room, resulting in a cool, ventilated, clean and comfortable environment.

Industrial air coolers are ideal for spaces like factories, warehouses, showrooms, workshops, religious places and other areas with large open spaces that are difficult and commercially unviable to air conditioning. Symphony’s industrial air coolers come with a wide range of accessories to provide end-to-end solutions to customize your cooling needs with enhanced aesthetics. Symphony Industrial air coolers make the environment conducive for the people and thereby increase the productivity at a fraction of the running cost of air conditioning.


Boost your workplace productivity by providing an ambient workplace environment!

A research by IIM-A says that worker’s productivity can be enhanced up to 12% by increasing the level of cooling comfort at workplace. Research shows that the optimal range of ambient temperature for enhanced worker’s productivity is about 23 – 30o Celsius. Another research by NASA says that high temperatures above 75o F negatively affect both productivity and accuracy of work. In order to boost productivity, an ambient temperature is necessary.

Symphony Industrial Air Coolers are uniquely designed to provide ambient cooling in large spaces at a low installation and operational cost. Over the years, Symphony has completed over a million industrial air cooling installations around the world. We believe that a comfortable temperature workplace environment is a necessity to boost productivity and employee morale.

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